Types Of Student Housing

Moving away for college is an exciting experience for students — it’s typically their first time away from home for an extended period, and it’s the first step into living a more independent lifestyle. When it comes to starting this new chapter of their lives, many students are overwhelmed by the various choices when it comes to student housing. Thankfully, our team here at The Retreat at Kennesaw is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the types of housing KSU students can choose from so they can find their perfect fit before settling on a new home.

Housing For KSU Students

When deciding on a place to call home, students typically start by answering the most straightforward question — do they want to live on campus or off campus? In many cases, incoming first-year students opt to live on campus. After all, on campus housing is thought of as providing the quintessential college experience. In all actuality, times have changed, and dorm life, as seen in movies and TV, isn’t as glamorous as real life. More often than not, dorms are outdated, cramped, and require residents to share laundry facilities, common areas, bathrooms and showers, and much more with fellow students. While the convenience of on campus housing may be beneficial for some, it’s important to consider all options before signing a housing contract.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Dorms At KSU

When individuals hear “student housing,” it’s likely that on campus dorms are what come to mind. Dorms are great for many reasons — they’re on campus, so students can easily make it to their classes, there are resident assistants (RAs) readily available to help with any roommate disagreements or minor housing issues, and there are plenty of fellow students and spaces to socialize, making it easy to get acclimated to college life. But living in dorms also comes with its downsides. Many dorms are outdated, cramped, and lack privacy. For students used to having their own room, being in a dorm with someone they’ve never met before can be a challenging adjustment. Before deciding on a dorm, consider touring some apartments near KSU first.

Apartments Near KSU

Apartments are typically considered the next step for students after they’ve lived in the dorms. With an abundance of apartment communities to choose from, including those that offer fully furnished floor plans, apartments are a convenient and affordable option for students. On top of this, students can experience living independently with fewer restrictions, as there are no RAs to listen to, and can enjoy a wide variety of community amenities conveniently close to their home, rather than scattered around campus. Even with these benefits, students need to understand that not all apartment communities offer quality amenities. Even those that do may be located far from campus, making it a hassle to get to class.

Homes In Kennesaw

Renting a house is an attractive option for students looking to live off campus — they tend to provide more space than traditional apartments and provide a familiar setting for those who miss living back at home. While these benefits are attractive for students looking to get a more at-home feel, it’s essential to consider the work that goes into maintaining a home. Houses tend to be older than apartments, with outdated appliances and lackluster interior features, and more often than not, there are little-to-no amenities available on the property. Not to mention, students will have to work with a landlord when it comes to needed repairs, which can be difficult if the landlord is less-than-stellar.

Kennesaw Townhouses & Condos

While townhouses and condos tend to be an uncommon choice for off campus student housing, some students prefer these housing options over others. With plenty of space to make their own, students may be interested in condos or townhouses they find near KSU. Unfortunately, many of these communities tend to have a homeowner association. These associations require residents to pay extra fees and follow strict guidelines to stay in the community, which can be difficult for busy students on a budget. Be sure to understand all the associated costs and regulations that come with living in a condo or townhouse before signing a housing contract.

Luxury Apartments Near KSU

Luxury student apartments bring together the best features of off campus housing, all in a premier location conveniently close to campus. With various luxury on-site amenities, such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, resort-style pool, game room, academic lounge, and much more, students have everything they need to live a comfortable and well-balanced lifestyle. Skip out on cramped on campus dorms or outdated homes and lead a lavish lifestyle when you call The Retreat home.

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